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As a UI Designer (Front-end Developer) in a design team for IBM App Connect I worked with User Research, UX and Visual designers to create prototypes and bring together the joint effort of the team in to a presentable format that could be user tested and iterated. I would then work closely with engienering to translate designs in to production code.


I collaborated with my team to build out simple prototypes that would be quickly iterated and tested. These were mostly built in vanilla HTM, CSS and JS to be framework flexible. The prototype brought together the efforts of research, visual and UX design. I would also work with engineers to build out the prototype in to components using their chosen framework.

Example prototypes

Prototype One
Prototype Two
Prototype Three
Prototype Four


This marketing demo follows one example of connecting applications with IBM App Connect and an implemented version of one of my prototypes (Prototype Four above) is used in production (at 00:41).

Marketing demo for IBM App Connect