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IBM App Connect

Automating workflows & connecting apps.

What is it?

IBM App Connect is a new offering within IBM Cloud Integration that links and moves data between APIs to create automated workflows. It offers a personal and professional package, depending on usage. The product is still in early release and may be protected under an NDA at the time of this post.

My role

I was a front-end developer working with a team of designers and engineers. I worked with the design team to ensure a feasible solution that meets user needs and build wireframes and coded prototypes for usability testing. I translated design decisions to the engineering team and communicate goals and tasks across the board so that deliverables are completed on a timely manner.

Prototyping interactions to bridge the gap between design and engineering on an enterprise scale.


Use Design Thinking techniques to define problem and understand technical requirements.


Wireframe, concept and use Codepen to build multiple variations of potential solutions, then test.


After iterating and testing is complete work closely with engineering to implement and maintain.

app connect
app connect

It was a collaboration of my team of Researchers, UX Designers, Visual Designers, and Front End Developers. We used design thinking techniques to understand user pain points and develop a solution using 'The Loop' - a continuous delivery model of Observe, Reflect,and Make.

An enterprise-scale marketing strategy.

Standing out from the crowd.

In addition to my product work, as part of a product re-brand we built our own marketing website to sit outside the IBM Marketplace. I was the main Front End Developer behind this due to my background in Wordpress and I helped design, architect and build the site that would serve as the face of our product.

So, that was IBM App Connect.

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